05 December 2010

i'm just so bad and i'm sorry

i try my best.
b appreciate my bby..
thanks a lot..
b sayang bby b sgt-sgt..
b jew yg x tunjuk..
jus sorry bangat syg..
b improve k syg..
bby penting sgt taw tuk b..
my future wife .
soooooooo important for me..
u really take my heart dear..
im really fall in love wit you syg..
i need you..
i need you in my life..
i need you to be my everyting bushuk..
really ! i meant it..
swear of god,that there r only you in my life nurin farwizah bt.ahmad rusdi !
there only you..
no one can ever and ever replace ur place syg..
i need nurin..
i need you..
i die for you..
you da only one in my life..
sorry for evryting..
im wrong..
sorryyyyyyy ! :'(


I'm GEISHA: kerinduan.

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